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Open Window is a collection of poems and short stories written over a 9 year period.

A wonderful mini-collection of 3 short stories, great for children ages 7-12! Each short story is guaranteed to entice the reader and take their mind on a journey. Equipped with reflection and critical thinking questions, each story is designed to help expand the minds of young readers. Young readers, buckle up and enjoy!

The first installment in the I Am... Series. The I Am... Series is an easy-read Bibliographic Series of African American Leaders for young readers, grade K-6. The Series is Divided into 10 Collections:

  • The Civil Rights Collection

  • The Abolitionists Collection

  • The Inventors Collection

  • The Harlem Renaissance Collection

  • The Jazz Collection

  • The Legal Professionals Collection

  • The Athletes Collection

  • The Historians Collection

  • The Politicians Collection

  • The Children Collection


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