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A compilation of three novellas written by Author AmberElizabeth Addison-Scott

Corruption: When two unarmed African-American students are gunned down in their car, resulting in the immediate death of one, their families take it upon themselves to uncover the truth about the circumstances of their shootings.

Clara's Diary: A young lady born into slavery, is forced to choose between keeping her family, and finding true love.

Missing!: When 11 year old, Josie Whitlock disappears without a trace, her best friend, Shaniece believes it's up to her to track down the culprits and find Josie. 


Introducing "The Adventures of Cairo"!

"The Adventures of Cairo" depicts both the real life and imagined adventures of Cairo-James, a vibrant toddler. Told from the perspective of Cairo, "The Adventures of Cairo", is a great way to start your young one reading. Each book is fully equipped with sight words to help your toddler gain reading confidence. Though "Cairo Learns to Read" is not entirely a tale of Adventures, it is the first book because Cairo in fact does love to read and loves to teach others what he learns. "The Adventures of Cairo" also serves a method of representation for other young African-American boys. Follow Cairo as his imagination takes him on wild adventures in "The Adventures of Cairo!"

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