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“No Justice, No Peace!" The crowd marched the streets chanting as their hearts and minds were weighed down heavily. Each individual’s soul has been tattered and worn. The Black and Brown faces that make up the group, all house expressions of anguish, pain and restlessness. The words, "We the Jury, find the defendant, Tyler Mitchell, not guilty," sting as they fall upon the ears of those who have gathered on the courthouse steps. Another white male, has mercilessly taken innocent and unarmed lives. When will it end?


Loosely based on true events, Songs of the Summer’s Nights tells the tale of the daily struggle that the Black Man in America faces. Andrew Castle is a Black Father who witnesses disproportionately and constant police brutality against African-Americans in his neighborhood, city and country and is determined to keep himself and his son alive during a time of racial turmoil in America. Join Andrew as he works through not only the physical effects, but also the mental effects of the racial tension he experiences and witnesses.


"You never know what's lurking in the shadows."


College Freshman, Katerina Bennett, discovers she hails from a family with magical powers. As she's trying to work through her newfound powers, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, she realizes the powers come with an uneasy burden that only she can bare. The presence of Katerina's newly discovered powers, accompany an internal spiritual battle while she's attempting to bear the burden that has been place on her. Join Katerina as she uncovers what's lurking in the shadows.

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