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Naming the Blog

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

The title "Open Window" is something that is, and has always been very dear to me. When speaking about my writing, more so, my poetry, a phrase that I've always said is, "my soul is an open book and my heart is written in the pages". I've felt that this saying was pretty self-explanatory, however I have been asked why I chose this particular choice of words to describe my writing. The short answer is, I've always felt that writing was a way to entering a person's mind, heart and soul. Reading an author's work, is a way of sorts of getting to know their most interpersonal thoughts and ideas. I feel as though this is even more so true for those writers who are poets. Ultimately, I believe that a reader reading any body of work, no matter the genre, the author of said work is allowing the reader to briefly enter their world, and their mind. This saying is ultimately how I came to get the title of my first published book as an adult, "Open Window: A Collection of Poems and Short stories". Though when naming the book, I used the word "window", instead of "book", because I look at my writing as an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Though I'm allowing the reader a peek into my soul through my writing, I believe that I am also allowing the reader to express their innermost thoughts and feelings regarding the works, whether it be amongst themselves, or through reaching out to others or even myself. I thought it would only be fitting to keep this title for my blog as I will be letting my readers in on some of my most intimate literary thoughts.

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